The Concept

Through online classes and personalised coaching Tahia invites you to discover a new approach to Ori Tahiti:

  • Learn the basic techniques taught at the Tahitian Conservatory

  • Discover a revamped version of Tahiti Ori

  • Consultation and personalised coaching

  • Regular analysis of your development

The teaching of Ori Tahiti by Tahia has proved very successful in Paris. Today the classes are available for everyone.  Distance and language are no longer limits to the development of your dancing skills.  Wherever you are in the world, you can now, thanks to the online classes held in French, with English ond Japanese subtitles, discover a new approach to Tahitian dance.

This gives you the opportunity to practice learning techniques both inspired by that of the Conservatory of Tahiti whilst also incorporating the modernity and creativity of Tahia. Every 7 days, you will have access to a new, one hour video, ensuring serious and regular training. For 10 days, you will be abble to watch the class and practice the program as many times as you want.

Your evolution will thus be punctuated by classes given by Tahia who will also oversee your personal work.  If you wish, you can receive personalised guidance, a real source of motivation and progression. Tahia will analyse a video of your performance; using a sequence that you created together or one of your own making.

Over the course of the lessons you will discover a sharing, caring atmosphere.  This atmosphere will be consolidated thanks to access to a private facebook group, allowing you to interact with other dance enthusiasts.

Dance classes

Every 7 days check out a new one hour video.  The objective being to maintain your fitness through intense training.  It focuses on important points that need to be worked on regularly such as flexibility, endurance and leg strengthening.  The practical application allows you to test your ability to memorise a sequence and teaches you how to use your knowledge to create your own choreography.

  • 60 mins

  • 10-15 mins

    Warm up and motivation!

  • 20-25 mins

    Flexibility and endurance!
    Work on the key elements!

  • 15-20 mins

    Apply and practice
    Memorise and reproduce
    a technical sequence

Personalised coaching

Discover a place dedicated to our exchanges, in French or in English! Each month we will create a sequence together.  You will be asked to reproduce it at home, film it and send it back to me.  Working on one of your own?  Send that to me too!

I will be happy to answer your questions and give you individual guidance.

Your technique: is your posture correct and your movement carried out properly?

The positioning of your body and your posture: are your feet, your arms and your head placed correctly?

The execution of the sequence: have you understood, assimilated and reproduced it correctly?

Performance and expression: Ori Tahiti is a means of expression, can you let go in front of a camera and can you share your emotion and express your personality? 
Let’s get training!

These questions are given only as suggestions; we will adapt all our exchanges according to your needs and desires.

This method allows you to evaluate your development and progression in the long term

Ori Addict

64 /month



Ori for Life

175 /quarter